Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beauty scenario

Tamilnaru : Merina sea beach

Chennai : A graet pleasure to see this lake from a boat.That
is placed just downearth of  a small mountain.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Amazing nature

Kanyakumarika : The junction between India and Srilanka.
The deep blue sea covers the whole area that like a ameture

Houses in Forest

The most comfortable but horrible living rooms in the forest.
In this silent forest dancing program may be a option if you
want.This place is in Jaldapara reserve forest,West Bengal,india.

Elephants activities

Duars : Three peoples control the elephants when they were
The landmark is specialy Garumara reserve forest,West Bengal,india.
The elephants travelled over the dried river.


SUNDARBAN : The only reserve forest of India as well as
world,This is very famous for Royal Bengal Tigers.The slowest
running river in sundarban.
Sundarban : This is the landmark of Sundarban.Rush of Birds
are found there.Their noisy environment keep the area most

Beauty of Nature

Nature : The awesome sunset beauty.The golden sunrayes
fall on the earth.The standing coconut trees stand to feel it.


Temple : The inside architecture of a south Indian temple seen at night.

 This temple has a tradition of south India.